The server has officially started, we wish you a nice game. www.l2epiral.eu administration.

download patch at download section , auto create account !!!
Posted on 23 May 2020 by Thelio
Hello players, tomorrow at 19:00 GMT + 2 summer time warsaw / berlin the server will be officially launched, I invite you to download the patch and see you tomorrow in the game.
Posted on 22 May 2020 by Thelio
ENG: Hello dear players, we have completed the server repair work today. The server has been redone now has new settings I invite you to register on the forum www.l2epiral.eu/forum !!!
Register on the forum, newly registered clans can count on great rewards!

The server will open May 23 at 7 PM Central European Summer Time (CEST), UTC +2.
We invite everyone to the PvP Custom server !!!!

Olá queridos jogadores, concluímos o trabalho de reparo do servidor hoje. O servidor foi refeito agora com novas configurações. Convido você a se registrar no fórum www.l2epiral.eu/forum !!!
Registre-se no fórum, clãs recém-registrados podem contar com grandes recompensas!

O servidor será aberto em 23 de maio às 19h (horário de verão da Europa Central (CEST)), UTC +2.
Convidamos todos para o servidor PvP Custom !!!!
Posted on 13 May 2020 by Thelio

Hello dear players! Soon we will give more information about server startup, settings, etc. The team has changed, a new page has been added and the forum looks good. I invite everyone to register on the forum and discord there, I will gladly answer your question. I also invite players to help with server promotion and general server work like testing. I invite you to the discord and forum. See you in the game.
Posted on 08 May 2020 by Thelio
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